Step Into The Future of Tourette Treatments

Machine-optimized and personalized therapy available right at your fingertips because why should you have to wait for a special diagnosis?

The Problem

Tourette syndrome is a disorder that causes repetitive movements, or unwanted sounds in the patient that cannot be controlled by normal means. These repetitive movements are called tics. Tics cause extreme discomfort in addition to social stigma.

Unfortunately, the current state of tic disorder and Tourette treatment is abysmal.

Sky-high therapy fees, critical lack of therapists, ineffective medication not to mention the horrible side effects that come with it. All of that needs to change.


of Tourette patients to have found significantly improved in tic severity after CBIT therapy.


Average cost of 1 in-person Tourette therapy session.


The same effectiveness for a tenth of the price.

The Solution

We want to create a future where Tourette treatment can be accessed at the push of a button. We understand the stress connected with tics and the traditional route for treatment, whether that be therapy or medication. We will ensure that you will never have to go through that kind of stress again.

Unitic is our solution built specifically for you. Accessible, affordable, and effective, an online treatment platform built to your every need.

The Answer

Unitic provides a fully automated and specialized Tourette and Tic disorder treatment platform. Depending on your input, our platform will create a CBIT therapy plan made for you, and only for you. Once we know which therapy plan suits you, CBIT therapy will be administered through a state-of-the-art treatment interface.

In order to provide tailored treatments for our users, data is an important part of our platform. The more input our users provide us, the more accurate and better our platform will become, allowing our users to receive the best treatment from us.

Stay Updated

Here at Unitic, we are doing our best to provide the most accurate platform possible. We will be releasing our platform as soon as possible!